Voice Driver


A race controlling miniature cars by the voice of car engine like “boom”. It also can be controlled from a website mic, and race with people all over the world in online.

My part: Motor Control System using ZigBee, Voice analyze system connected with Web streaming server.

  • Chief Creative Officer: Miki Matsui, TBWA HAKUHODO
  • Exective Creative Director: Kazuto Fukushima, TBWA HAKUHODO
  • Creative Director: Takayuki Nizawa, TBWA HAKUHODO
  • Copy Writer: Kenya Takao, TBWA HAKUHODO
  • Copy Writer: Kenta Ikoma, TBWA HAKUHODO
  • Copy Writer: Naoto Ichikawa, TBWA HAKUHODO
  • Art Director: Shawn Schrader, TBWA HAKUHODO
  • Producer: Hideki Sugimasa, KAYAC
  • Producer: Hirofumi Nobuta, HAKUHODO PRODUCTS
  • Designer: Daniel Marcos Perujo, KAYAC
  • Interactive Producer: Tukuma Fujii, TBWA HAKUHODO
  • Experience Designer: Kaname Aratame, TBWA HAKUHODO
  • Account Director: Stoshi Suzuki, TBWA HAKUHODO
  • Director: Yasuyuki Fukatsu, KAYAC
  • Technical Director / Front End Engineer: Takashi Murai, KAYAC
  • Front End Engineer / Hardware Engineer: So Matsuda, KAYAC
  • Hardware Engineer: Koki Ibukuro, KAYAC
  • Hardware Engineer: Fumitaka Kimizuka, KAYAC
  • System Engineer: Mitsunari Sugiyama, KAYAC
  • Designer: Kazuhiro Hashimoto, KAYAC
  • Movie Producer: Keisuke Mizusako, AOI Pro
  • Movie Director: Hiroshi Kikuchi, THE DIRECTORS GUILD
  • Movie Photographer: Shinichiro Horikane, Freelance
  • Movie Production Maneger: Tsutomu Hirakue, AOI Pro
  • Movie Production Maneger: Ryo Tsuchiya, AOI Pro
  • Movie Production Maneger: Takuma Moriya, AOI Pro
  • Movie Production Maneger: Takahide Suzuki, AOI Pro
  • Post Production Superviser: Shinya Imoto, REDHILL
  • Production Maneger: Yasuhiro Motobe, HAKUHODO PRODUCTS
  • Director: Waki Rokutan
  • Typo Graphic Artist: Ryosuke Fujimoto, Flows


openFrameworks Arduino ZigBee